Method and device for rapid dnp

A method for producing hyperpolarized sample material for use in magnetic resonance investigations, with a) preparing a target material, containing high gamma nuclei with a short T1, - a polarizing agent with a broad EPR line, and low gamma nuclei with a long T1, b) irradiating the polarizing agent in the target material with microwave radiation, wherein the target material is at a cryogenic temperature and exposed to a static magnetic field B0>= 4.0 T, thus polarizing the high gamma nuclei by DNP, c) transferring the polarization from the high gamma nuclei to the low gamma nuclei by Cross Polarization, d) preparing a dissolved sample material containing the hyperpolarized low y nuclei from the target material. With the inventive method, nuclei with a long longitudinal relaxation time T1 can be quickly hyperpolarized to a high polarization level.


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