Coating hydrophobic surfaces with amphiphilic thioethers to reduce protein adsorption and cell adhesion

The present invention provides methods and apparatus for coating surfaces with specially designed thioethers and amphiphilic thioethers that reduce protein adsorption and/or cell adhesion. This reduction may be achieved, for example, by controlling the spacing or length of pendant chains or hydrophilic blocks in an amphiphilic thioether. Techniques for determining spacing include adsorbing the thioether from a solution or a colloidal suspension, or controlling the degree of polymerization of the thioether. Techniques for controlling the length of the pendant chains include controlling the degree of polymerization of the pendant chains. Multiblock copolymers of poly(propylene sulfide) and poly(ethylene glycol) ("PPS-PEG") represent an exemplary family of amphiphilic thioethers. Methods for coating surfaces with amphiphilic thioethers are also provided.


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