Process for avoiding cracking in welding

The new welding process avoids cracking in welding, in repair welding or in cladding of parts of metallic alloys which are sensitive to hot cracking. The process is using a first heat source (15), directed to the parts (11, 12) of the metallic alloy forming a melt pool (14) on 5 the parts (11, 12) of metal or metallic alloy. The heat source (15) and the parts (11, 12) are moved relative to each other. The process is characterized in that there is one (13) or more additional heat sources directed to the parts (11, 12) of metal or metallic alloy and following the first heat source (15) in a distance and with substantially the same speed and in the same direction as the first heat source (15). The additional heat source (13) or heat 10 sources are directed to the solidification region (mushy zone) (144) of the melt pool (14) generated by the first heat source (15). The power of the additional heat source (13) is set such as to reduce the local cooling rate of the solidification region (144) of the melt pool (14), or to even shortly reheat this region without substantial remelting or with no remelting it at all and thereby reducing the tensile stresses or even inducing compressive 15 stresses. During this process a central equiaxed zone might also be enhanced. By this new process the formation of hot cracks is avoided.

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