Synchronization and channel estimation with sub-nyquist sampling in ultra-wideband communication systems

The system and method for estimating impulse response of a wideband communication channel represented as linear combination of L time-shifted pulsed P1 (t) with propagation coefficients a1, comprising functionalities or steps for obtaining an ultrawideband signal (y(t) of Fig. 1) received over the channel, filtered (h (1) of Fig. 1) with low pass/bandpass filter and sampled uniformly at a sub-Nyquist rate a functionality for determining discrete-Fourier-transforin coefficients Yj and Sj (FFT of Figure 1) from the sampled received signal and a transmitted ultra-wide-band pulse, respectively a functionality for determining dominant singular vectors of a matrix having Yj+ I4 / Sj + i4 , as its i, j-elements a functionality for estimating a plurality of powers of the signal poles from the dominant singular vectors and determining the times shifts from the estimated powers and a functionality for determining the propagation coefficients from a system of linear equalizations.

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TTO: 6.0244.5
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