Convex Generalizations of Total Variation Based on the Structure Tensor with Applications to Inverse Problems

We introduce a generic convex energy functional that is suitable for both grayscale and vector-valued images. Our functional is based on the eigenvalues of the structure tensor, therefore it penalizes image variation at every point by taking into account the information from its neighborhood. It generalizes several existing variational penalties, such as the Total Variation and vectorial extensions of it. By introducing the concept of patch-based Jacobian operator, we derive an equivalent formulation of the proposed regularizer that is based on the Schatten norm of this operator. Using this new formulation, we prove convexity and develop a dual definition for the proposed energy, which gives rise to an efficient and parallelizable minimization algorithm. Moreover, we establish a connection between the minimization of the proposed convex regularizer and a generic type of nonlinear anisotropic diffusion that is driven by a spatially regularized and adaptive diffusion tensor. Finally, we perform extensive experiments with image denoising and deblurring for grayscale and color images. The results show the effectiveness of the proposed approach as well as its improved performance compared to Total Variation and existing vectorial extensions of it.

Published in:
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision (SSVM'13), Seggauberg, Republic of Austria, 48–60

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