Generalized Biorthogonal Daubechies Wavelets

We propose a generalization of the Cohen-Daubechies-Feauveau (CDF) and 9⁄7 biorthogonal wavelet families. This is done within the framework of non-stationary multiresolution analysis, which involves a sequence of embedded approximation spaces generated by scaling functions that are not necessarily dilates of one another. We consider a dual pair of such multiresolutions, where the scaling functions at a given scale are mutually biorthogonal with respect to translation. Also, they must have the shortest-possible support while reproducing a given set of exponential polynomials. This constitutes a generalization of the standard polynomial reproduction property. The corresponding refinement filters are derived from the ones that were studied by Dyn et al. in the framework of non-stationary subdivision schemes. By using different factorizations of these filters, we obtain a general family of compactly supported dual wavelet bases of $ L _{ 2 } $ . In particular, if the exponential parameters are all zero, one retrieves the standard CDF B-spline wavelets and the 9⁄7 wavelets. Our generalized description yields equivalent constructions for E-spline wavelets. A fast filterbank implementation of the corresponding wavelet transform follows naturally; it is similar to Mallat's algorithm, except that the filters are now scale-dependent. This new scheme offers high flexibility and is tunable to the spectral characteristics of a wide class of signals. In particular, it is possible to obtain symmetric basis functions that are well-suited for image processing.

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Proceedings of the SPIE Conference on Mathematical Imaging: Wavelet XI, San Diego CA, USA, 59141X-1–59141X-6

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