Integration of an IEEE Std. C37.118 compliant PMU into a real-time simulator

The simulation of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) into real-time simulators (RTSs) is typically limited by the complexity of the synchrophasor estimation (SE) algorithm. This is especially true when dealing with distribution network PMUs due to the more demanding accuracy requirement and, for the case of class-P PMUs, for the limited latency. In this respect, if the SE algorithm is too simplistic, the performances of the simulated PMU might not match the specific application needs. On the other hand, when higher precision of the synchrophasors estimations is required, an increased computational complexity of the SE algorithm is obtained and, as a consequence, few devices can be simulated into a RTSs at the same time. The work presented in this paper illustrates the design and the deployment of a C37.118 class-P compliant PMU into the Opal-RT RTS. The RTS-deployed PMU has demonstrated to match the requirements of both transmission and distribution networks. The simulated PMU has been experimentally validated and demonstrated to be well suited for its integration into any RTS.

Published in:
Proc. of the 2015 IEEE PES Eindhoven PowerTech, 1, -, 1-6
Presented at:
2015 IEEE PES Eindhoven PowerTech, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 29 June - 2 July, 2015
Eindhoven, IEEE

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