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TrueCISS: Genuine bSSFP Signal Reconstruction from Undersampled Multiple-Acquisition SSFP Using Model-Based Iterative Non-Linear Inversion

Balanced steady-state free-precession (bSSFP) is prone to local field inhomogeneities, typically appearing as signal voids, i.e. banding-artifacts. A new method, termed true constructive interference in steady state (trueCISS), is proposed based on the acquisition of eight highly undersampled bSSFP k-spaces with different radio-frequency (RF) phase increments. A model-based non-linear inversion is used to fit the bSSFP signal model onto the undersampled data, effectively estimating parameter maps that allow synthesizing the genuine bSSFP signal over the whole image, thus without any noticeable banding artifacts.


    • EPFL-CONF-211079

    Record created on 2015-09-11, modified on 2017-05-10

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