Utility Metrics Specifications. OpenIoT Deliverable D422

This deliverable specifies the utility metrics that are considered and used in the scope of the OpenIoT project. These utility metrics are recorded as part of the implementation of the Utility Manager component of the OpenIoT platform, while they have also been used to drive the utility based optimization mechanisms of the project. In particular we provided the following contributions: We provide an analysis and summary of utility metrics for different data providers and environments, including physical sensors, sensor networks, and virtual sensors. These metrics can be used to measure utility for interconnected objects. We proposed utility functions that use metrics in order to compute valuation and cost functions. These functions can be used by utility-based optimization techniques. The utility based schemes proposed provide means and algorithms that can help selecting virtual sensors for efficient data collection. We describe utility metrics, tailored specifically for the OpenIoT use cases, indicating the relevant parameters (e.g. location, bandwidth, availability, privacy), and cost and valuation functions (if applicable).


 Record created 2015-09-01, last modified 2018-03-17

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