Ellipse-Preserving Hermite Interpolation and Subdivision

We introduce a family of piecewise-exponential functions that have the Hermite interpolation property. Our design is motivated by the search for an effective scheme for the joint interpolation of points and associated tangents on a curve with the ability to perfectly reproduce ellipses. We prove that the proposed Hermite functions form a Riesz basis and that they reproduce prescribed exponential polynomials. We present a method based on Green's functions to unravel their multi-resolution and approximation-theoretic properties. Finally, we derive the corresponding vector and scalar subdivision schemes, which lend themselves to a fast implementation. The proposed vector scheme is interpolatory and level-dependent, but its asymptotic behavioris the same as the classical cubic Hermite spline algorithm. The same convergence properties—i.e., fourth order of approximation—are hence ensured.

Published in:
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 426, 1, 211-227
San Diego, Elsevier

 Record created 2015-07-28, last modified 2018-12-03

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