Isotropic Inverse-Problem Approach for Two-Dimensional Phase Unwrapping

We propose a new technique for two-dimensional phase unwrapping. The unwrapped phase is found as the solution of an inverse problem that consists in the minimization of an energy functional. The latter includes a weighted data fidelity term that favors sparsity in the error between the true and wrapped phase differences, as well as a regularizer based on higher-order total variation. One desirable feature of our method is its rotation invariance, which allows it to unwrap a much larger class of images compared to the state of the art. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method through several experiments on simulated and real data obtained through the tomographic phase microscope. The proposed method can enhance the applicability and outreach of techniques that rely on quantitative phase evaluation.

Published in:
Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 32, 6, 1092–1100
Washington, JOSA

 Record created 2015-07-28, last modified 2018-03-17

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