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Combinatorial HV-CVD survey of barium triisopropyl cyclopentadienyl and titanium tetraisopropoxide for the deposition of BaTiO3

Barium titanate is a very promising material for the integration of optical communication into electronic integrated circuits. For a successful integration into CMOS compatible technology, a growth process has to be found which allows forming crystalline BaTiO3 at sufficiently low temperatures. We describe the combinatorial analysis of BaTiO3 formation by high vacuum chemical vapor deposition using barium triisopropyl cyclopentadienyl and titanium tetraisopropoxide as metal sources; water, oxygen, or ozone are used as oxidizing agents. We analyzed the impact of these oxidizing agents on the interaction of the precursor molecules on the substrate surface. Furthermore, we characterized the films concerning chemical composition and identified growth conditions leading to deposit composition corresponding to the stoichiometric BaTiO3 formation. XRD analysis confirms the formation of crystalline BaTiO3 phases for deposition temperatures as low as 370 °C.


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