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Angular Dependence of Magnetic Normal Modes in NiFe Antidot Lattices With Different Lattice Symmetry

We report an experimental investigation of the magnetic normal modes in large-area Ni80Fe20 antidot arrays fabricated on commercially available silicon substrates using deep ultraviolet lithography at 248 nm exposing wavelength. The effect of the lattice symmetry (square, rhombic and honeycomb) on the magnetic normal modes of the arrays has been investigated by both Brillouin light scattering and broadband ferromagnetic resonance using a vector network analyzer. For all the measured samples, the eigenfrequencies show an angular symmetry which is consistent with the lattice arrangement of the holes. Interpretation of the experimental results was achieved by micromagnetic simulations which enabled us to calculate both the frequencies of the modes and the corresponding spatial profile, correlating their angular evolution with the magnetic ground state.


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