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Convergent/Divergent Synthesis of a Linker-Varied Series of Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on the D35 Donor

A series of four new dyes, based on the D35 type donor moiety with varied linker units, is synthesized using a facile convergent/divergent method, enabled by an improved synthesis of the D35 donor. The dyes are evaluated in dye sensitized solar cells with Co(II/III)(bpy)3-based electrolytes. By extending the linker fragment, higher photocurrents and solar energy conversion efficiencies are achieved. It is also found that the linker unit plays a crucial role in maintaining a high open-circuit photovoltage. Based on the photovoltaic performance it is concluded that the hexylthiophene unit is the most suitable for this purpose, as it allows further enhancement of the already high open-circuit voltage of D35 to 0.92 V. The best dye in this series reaches an efficiency of 6.8%.


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