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Two flexible counter electrodes based on molybdenum and tungsten nitrides for dye-sensitized solar cells

Two novel flexible counter electrodes (CEs) on Ti sheets using molybdenum and tungsten nitrides (Mo2N, W2N) as catalysts were synthesized and used in a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) system. High catalytic activity of the two nitride CEs for the redn. of triiodide were proved by cyclic voltammetry, electrochem. impedance spectroscopy, and Tafel-polarization measurements. The DSCs based on Mo2N and W2N CEs achieved power conversion efficiencies of 6.38 and 5.81%, reaching 91 and 83% of the photovoltaic performance of the DSC using a Pt CE, resp. This research paves a promising way to develop new CE catalysts and reduce the cost of DSCs.


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