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'Electric-paint displays' with carbon counter electrodes

'Elec.-paint displays' are electrochromic displays with dyed nanostructured metal-oxide electrodes, e.g. viologen-derivatized nanostructured titanium dioxide electrodes. Such displays are particularly promising for applications with low switch frequency, large segment areas, and high demands on colors, background brightness, and large viewing-angles. The concept is simple and well suited for inexpensive industrial prodn. methods. Blue-on-white elec.-paint displays with porous carbon counter electrodes are presented. The initial results with lab. prototypes are promising. The switch time is about 1/2 s and the reflectance in the bleached state is as high as 40-55% in the visible region. Furthermore, the display prototypes sustain more than 100000 switching cycles without severe degrdn. The results from spectroelectrochem. measurements on the assembled displays are presented.


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