Impact of traditional and modern building materials on the thermal behavior and energy consumption of a courtyard house in the hot and dry climate

In this work, we studied the thermal behavior of mono or multilayer walls of various compositions consisting of traditional and modern building materials, in order to identify those that provide good comfort and better energy conservation in conditioning case in the context of a hot and dry climate for a courtyard house. The study is conducted with the TRNSYS-COMIS software. The thermo physical properties of modern building materials are those adopted by the Algerian regulations and those of adobe were determined in the laboratory LASIE at the University of La Rochelle. The results of this study show the impact of inertia on winter consumption, as well as the effectiveness of roof insulation in reducing cooling requirements. The adobe has good properties to improve comfort and energy savings but its stabilization with cement, to improve its mechanical properties decreases its thermal qualities.

Ekolu, So
Dundu, M
Gao, X
Published in:
Construction Materials And Structures, 1468-1474
Presented at:
1st International Conference on Construction Materials and Structures, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA, NOV 24-26, 2014
Amsterdam, Ios Press

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