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Slow magnetic fluctuations and superconductivity in fluorine-doped NdFeAsO

Among the widely studied superconducting iron-pnictide compounds belonging to the Ln1111 family (with Ln a lanthanide), a systematic investigation of the crossover region between the superconducting and the antifer-romagnetic phase for the Ln = Nd case has been missing. We fill this gap by focusing on the intermediate doping regime of NdFeAsO1-x F-x by means of dc-magnetometry and muon-spin spectroscopy (mu SR) measurements. The long-range order we detect at low fluorine doping is replaced by short-range magnetic interactions at x = 0.08, where also superconductivity appears. In this case, longitudinal-field mu SR experiments show clear evidence of slow magnetic fluctuations that disappear at low temperatures. This fluctuating component is ascribed to the glassy-like character of the magnetically ordered phase of NdFeAsO at intermediate fluorine doping.


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