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Digital Holographic Imaging for Label-Free Phenotypic Profiling, Cytotoxicity, and Chloride Channels Target Screening

Cellular assays using label-free Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) have been previously validated for cell viability assays in a drug screening context. Our automated DHM system allows performing fast and cost-effective screening assays for a wide range of applications for monitoring cell morphological changes and cell movements upon interaction with interfering compounds. In addition to these classic phenotypic assays, it has been demonstrated that target-based cellular assays can also be addressed by DHM for therapeutically relevant chloride channel receptors. Our DH-imaging (DHI) technology, potentially scalable for screening by imaging approaches in a high-throughput manner can also deliver highly informative data through long term experiments. Three examples of phenotypic screens are detailed in the present chapter: a label-free profiling approach, a cell proliferation assay, and methods for monitoring the activity of the GABAA chloride channel receptor.


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