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Shaping public sector innovation theory: an interpretative framework for ICT-enabled governance innovation

The paper discusses from a conceptual standpoint the need for renewing the lenses through which looking at the phenomenon of ICT-enabled innovation in governance and policy-making, suggesting that a possible ‘new theory of public sector innovation ́ should be advanced. In doing this, it should be considered the specific networked structure of governance systems, the policy-making goals of public value, as well as the various constituencies and stakeholders’ relationships that characterize the public sector. For this purpose, the paper first presents the key findings of an extensive literature review conducted to support the quest for renewing ICT-enabled innovation in the public sector and the manner in which it is measured and evaluated. Then, building on recent research conducted by the authors an interpretative framework to assess how ICT-enabled innovations produce changes in governance processes is proposed and discussed. The paper ends with conclusions and indications on future research.


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