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Recent advances in high dynamic range (HDR) capturing and display technologies attracted a lot of interest to HDR imaging. Many issues that are considered as being resolved for conventional low dynamic range (LDR) images pose new challenges in HDR context. One such issue is a lack of standards for HDR image compression. Another is the limited availability of suitable image datasets that are suitable for studying and evaluation of HDR image compression. In this paper, we address this problem by creating a publicly available dataset of 20 HDR images and corresponding versions compressed at four different bit rates with three profiles of the upcoming JPEG XT standard for HDR image compression. The images cover different scenes, dynamic ranges, and acquisition methods (fusion from several exposures, frame of an HDR video, and CGI generated images). The dataset also includes Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) for each compressed version of the images obtained from extensive subjective experiments using SIM2 HDR monitor.