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Specific heat capacity and Debye temperature of zirconia and its solid solution

Specific heat CP of zirconia and yttria stabilized zirconia doped or not with erbia and ceria was measured from 128 to 823 K and of yttria stabilized zirconia doped with erbia and plutonia from 443 to 1573 K. The new determined data were modelled using Debye theory. Data for the tetravalent oxide and for the studied solid solutions show that the extended Dulong and Petit law in Neumann–Kopp rule is verified for zirconia and the quaternary compounds. The Debye temperature of zirconia (590 K) and its yttria, erbia and ceria doped solid solutions (575–625 K) derived from these CP measurements between 150 and 823 K is discussed and compared with that reported for other tetravalent metal oxides.


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