We describe a multiplexing technology, named Evalution, based on novel digitally encoded microparticles in microfluidic channels. Quantitative multiplexing is becoming increasingly important for research and routine clinical diagnostics, but fast, easy-to-use, flexible and highly reproducible technologies are needed to leverage the advantages of multiplexing. The presented technology has been tailored to ensure (i) short assay times and high reproducibility thanks to reaction-limited binding regime, (ii) dynamic control of assay conditions and real-time binding monitoring allowing optimization of multiple parameters within a single assay run, (iii) compatibility with various immunoassay formats such as coflowing the samples and detection antibodies simultaneously and hence simplifying workflows, (iv) analyte quantification based on initial binding rates leading to increased system dynamic range and (v) high sensitivity via enhanced fluorescence collection. These key features are demonstrated with assays for proteins and nucleic acids showing the versatility of this technology.