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000205354 245__ $$aTransverse heat transfer coefficient in the dual channel ITER TF CICCs Part II. Analysis of transient temperature responses observed during a heat slug propagation experiment
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000205354 520__ $$aA heat slug propagation experiment in the final design dual channel ITER TF CICC was performed in the SULTAN test facility at EPFL-CRPP in Villigen PSI. We analyzed the data resulting from this experiment to determine the equivalent transverse heat transfer coefficient h(BC) between the bundle and the central channel of this cable. In the data analysis we used methods based on the analytical solutions of a problem of transient heat transfer in a dual-channel cable, similar to Renard et al. (2006) and Bottura et al. (2006). The observed experimental and other limits related to these methods are identified and possible modifications proposed. One result from our analysis is that the h(BC) values obtained with different methods differ by up to a factor of 2. We have also observed that the uncertainties of h(BC) in both methods considered are much larger than those reported earlier. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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