This paper reports the main outcomes of the 2013 design activities for the toroidal field magnet of the European nuclear fusion reactor DEMOnstration Power Plant (DEMO). Within the current project plan, the manufacture of full-size conductor prototypes during 2014 and their test during 2015 are foreseen, aimed at the assessment of the proposed cable-in-conduit-conductor technologies. Industrial partners have been thus already involved at this early stage, and the preliminary cabling trials performed are illustrated here. As far as the coil design assessment is concerned, one of the main aspects to be investigated is the mechanical performance of the magnet, considering its large size and the high electromagnetic forces involved. An overall 3-D finite-element model of the coil has been set up, and mechanical stress analysis has been carried out for a selected instant of the plasma scenario after the computation of the electromagnetic loads within a full 3-D system model, including central solenoid and poloidal field coil contributions. The resulting loads have been mapped on the finite-element-method model, making use of a novel mesh-independent interpolator based on radial basis functions. The results reported here highlight a quite high level of stress, which is close to the acceptance limits, in some regions of the steel casing. Further investigations and assessments are required, but the most critical areas are clearly identified.