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000205063 245__ $$aOptimal siting and sizing of distributed energy storage systems via alternating direction method of multipliers
000205063 269__ $$a2014
000205063 260__ $$bPower Systems Computation Conference$$c2014$$aWrocław University of Technology, Poland
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000205063 520__ $$aEnergy Storage Systems (ESSs) has an important role in Active Distribution Networks (ADNs). Within this context this paper focuses on the problem of ESSs optimal siting and sizing. Following similar approaches already proposed by the Authors, this paper uses a multi-objective procedure to account various ancillary services that can be provided by ESSs. The proposed procedure takes into account the voltage support and network losses minimization along with minimization of the cost of energy from external grid. For the case of large-scale problems, accounting networks with large number of nodes and scenarios, the selection of the solution methodology is a non-trivial problem. In this respect, the paper proposes and discusses the applicability of the Alternative Direction Method of Multipliers in order to provide an efficient algorithm for large-scale networks that also provide a solution to the optimality aspect. A real large-scale network with real profiles of load and distributed photovoltaic generation is used as the case study to analyze the effectiveness of the proposed methodology.
000205063 6531_ $$aAlternating direction method of multipliers
000205063 6531_ $$aActive distribution networks
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000205063 7112_ $$dAugust 18-22, 2014$$cWrocław, Poland$$a18th Power Systems Computation Conference
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