Multiview plus depth (MVD) is an emerging video format with many applications, including 3-D television and free viewpoint television. During the broadcast of a compressed MVD video, transmission errors may cause the loss of whole frames, resulting in significant degradation of video quality. Error concealment techniques have been widely used to deal with transmission errors in video communication. However, the existing solutions do not address the requirement that the reconstructed frames should be consistent with neighboring frames, i.e., corresponding pixels should have consistent color information. We propose a new consistency model for error concealment of MVD video that allows one to maintain a high level of consistency between frames of the same view (temporal consistency) and those of neighboring views (inter-view consistency). We then propose an algorithm that uses our model to implement concealment in a consistent way. Simulations with the reference software for the multiview video coding project of the joint video team of the ISO/IEC MPEG and ITU-T VCEG show that our method outperforms benchmark techniques, including a baseline approach based on the boundary matching algorithm, with respect to both reconstruction quality and view consistency.