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000204910 500__ $$aSeeing the City is taught by Richard Sennett, Professor of Sociology at NYU and at the London School of Economics, where he is also chair of The Cities Programme. In addition to writing about cities, he has done design projects for New York City, Berlin, Beirut, and other cities; he has headed UNESCO's Committee on Cities and World Heritage. Richard is assisted in the seminar by Dom Bagnato, a filmmaker and researcher at the Institute of Public Knowledge.
000204910 520__ $$a"This seminar explores how the buildings, streets, and public spaces of a city relate to its economic, social, and political life. The seminar thus bridges visual studies and the social sciences. The seminar is pro-active. In addition to classroom readings and discussions, you will work in small teams to photograph and film particular projects in the city. I'd hope also that you'd become involved in one of the urban design projects underway at the university. The course aims to sensitize you to the urban environment, as well as introduce you to the skills urbanists use in their work."
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