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000204907 245__ $$aThe New Charter of Athens: Democracy and Climate Change
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000204907 520__ $$aThe focus of this workshop is to discuss a philosophical problem with practical implications: the complicated relationship between democratic practices and designs meant to deal with climate change in cities. We are exploring whether and how democratic practices can be squared with the efforts needed to mitigate or adapt to climate change in cities, from a broad and philosophical standpoint, in order to inform more practical activities taking form at UNHabitat. Specifically, we want to bring philosophers and political theorists together with urban designers and environmentalists to chart this issue we should bring into Habitat III, the environmental convocation that occurs every twenty years under the auspices of UNHabitat.
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000204907 7112_ $$dOctober 10, 2014$$cNYU Institute of Public Knowledge, New York, USA$$aThe New Charter of Athens Workshop
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