Crowdsourcing is a popular approach that outsources tasks via the Internet to a large number of users. Commercial crowdsourcing platforms provide a global pool of users employed for performing short and simple online tasks. For quality assessment of multimedia services and applications, crowdsourcing enables new possibilities by moving the subjective test into the crowd resulting in larger diversity of the test subjects, faster turnover of test campaigns, and reduced costs due to low reimbursement costs of the participants. Further, crowdsourcing allows easily addressing additional features like real-life environments. This white paper summarizes the recommendations and best practices for crowdsourced quality assessment of multimedia applications from the Qualinet Task Force on “Crowdsourcing”. The European Network on Quality of Experience in Multimedia Systems and Services Qualinet (COST Action IC 1003, see established this task force in 2012 which has more than 30 members. The recommendation paper resulted from the experience in designing, implementing, and conducting crowdsourcing experiments as well as the analysis of the crowdsourced user ratings and context data.