This paper represents the extended version of the conference paper “Developing highly-integrated subcutaneous biochips for remote monitoring of human metabolism” pre- sented at the IEEE Sensors Conference 2012, and presents data on assembly, packaging and short term in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility evaluation of a fully implantable biosensor array. The device was realized integrating three building blocks: 1) a multielectrode platform; 2) an inductive coil; and 3) an integrated circuit. The entire system measures 2.2 mm × 2.2 mm × 15 mm. Corrosion of electronic components and leaking of potentially hazardous substances in the body is prevented with a conformal coating of Parylene C, while an outer package of medical grade silicone was employed to create a soft shell suitable for implantation. Biocompatibility experiments did not show in vitro cytotoxicity in the considered period of 7 days, while comparison between 7 and 30 days in vivo implantations showed significant reduction of the inflammatory response in time, suggesting normal host recovery.