Student project

Viability Assay and Osteogenic Induction of Bone Progenitor Cells

Tissue engineering scaffolds are the new approach to replace common bone grafts. The first aim of this project was to investigate whether bone progenitor cells used in previous studies can undergo osteogenic differentiation. In osteogenic staining experiments we demonstrated that the cells indeed undergo osteogenic induction. Further cell viability tests showed regular cell growth in the scaffold in the timespan of 0-14 days. For the second aim of the project, we investigated into the influence of the volume of interest when deducing bone parameters from microCT images. The microCT images were acquired in a previous study to deduce the effect of loading and cell seeding on the bone growth within the scaffold. Using a modified volume of interest, similar conclusions regarding the effect of loading were made, as when using the original volume of interest.


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