A new two-dimensional solid-state NMR experiment, which correlates slow and fast chemical shift anisotropy sideband patterns is proposed. The experiment, dubbed ROSES, is performed under fast magic-angle spinning and leads to an isotropic spectrum in the directly detected omega(2) dimension. In the evolution dimension omega(1), the isotropic chemical shift is reduced by a factor S, and spinning sidebands are observed spaced by a scaled effective spinning speed omega(R)/S. These spinning sidebands patterns are not identical to those observed with standard slow magic-angle spinning experiments. Chemical shift anisotropy parameters can be accurately extracted with standard methods from these spinning sideband patterns. The experiment is demonstrated with carbon-13 experiments on powdered samples of a dipeptide and a cyclic undecapeptide, cyclosporin-A. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science (USA). All rights reserved.