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Heteronuclear proton double quantum-carbon single quantum scalar correlation in solids

A new NMR experiment that exploits the advantages of proton double quantum (DQ) NMR through a proton DQ-carbon single quantum (SQ) correlation experiment in the solid state is proposed. Analogous to the previously proposed 2D H-1 (DQ)-C-13 refocused INEPT experiment (Webber et al., 2010), the correlation between H-1 and C-13 is achieved through scalar coupling evolution, while the double quantum coherence among protons is generated through dipolar couplings. However, the new experiment relies on C-13 transverse coherence for scalar transfer. The new experiment dubbed MAS-J-H-1 (DQ)-C-13-HMQC, is particularly suited for unlabeled molecules and can provide higher sensitivity than its INEPT counterpart. The experiment is applied to four different samples. (C) 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


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