Composition dependent lattice dynamics in MoSxSe(2-x) alloys

We report on room temperature, polarization-resolved Raman scattering measurements on layered crystals of the series MoSxSe(2-x) (0 <= x <= 2) grown by chemical vapor transport technique. The results reveal two distinct sets of features related to the E-2g(1) and A(1g) modes of pure members of series. As composition x changes, the in-plane E-2g(1) mode shows two-mode behavior, whereas the out-of-plane A1g mode presents more complex evolution. The MoSe2-like branch reveals the splitting associated with the altering arrangement of S and Se atoms around Mo and the resulting changes in the dipole moment of the molecule. The X-ray diffraction measurements confirm that the samples are single-phase materials of 2H-type structure over the entire range of the sulfide composition x, while the scanning transmission electron microscopy imaging reveals a random arrangement of the S and Se atoms. Modified random-element-isodisplacement model is adopted to predict the behavior of the individual modes in the alloys. The model successfully confirms the two-mode behavior exhibited by the MoSxSe(2-x) series. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

Published in:
Journal Of Applied Physics, 116, 19
Melville, Amer Inst Physics

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