Functional Dependency (FD) has been extensively studied in database theory. Most recently there have been some works investigating the implications of extending Description Logics with functional dependencies. In particular the OWL ontology language offers the functional property property allowing simple functional dependency to be specified. As it turns out, more complex FD specified as concept constructors has been proved to lead to undecidability in the general case, which restricts its usage as part of TBOX. This paper departs from previous ones by restricting FDs applicability to instances in the ABOX. We specify FD as a new constructor, an OWL concept. FD instances are mapped to Horn clauses and evaluated against the ABOX according to user’s desired behavior. The latter allows users to determine whether FDs should be interpreted as constraints, assertions or views. Our approach gives ontology users data guarantees usually found in databases, integrated with the ontology conceptual model.