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Flow induced vibration on a hydrofoil may be significantly reduced with a slight modification of the trailing edge without alteration of the hydrodynamic performance. Particularly, the so called Donaldson trailing edge shape gave remarkable results and is being used in a variety of industrial applications. Nevertheless, the physics behind vibration reduction is still not understood. In the present study, we have investigated the hydrodynamic damping of a 2D hydrofoil with Donaldson trailing edge shape. The results are compared with the same hydrofoil with blunt trailing edge. The tests are carried out in EPFL high speed cavitation tunnel and two piezoelectric patches are used for the hydrofoil excitation in non-intrusive way. It was found that the hydrodynamic damping is significantly increased with the Donaldson cut. Besides, as the flow velocity is increased, the hydrodynamic damping is found to remain almost constant up to the hydrofoil resonance and then increases linearly, for both tested trailing edge shapes and for both first bending and torsion modes.