The experimental results of several bond tests on masonry blocks made of yellow tuff and bonded with different types of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) fabrics carried out by the authors are presented and analysed. The discussion of results is mainly focused on: (1) assessing the set-up reliability, (2) choosing sufficient bonded length for achieving the full bond strength, (3) estimating the efficacy of end anchoring systems, (4) evaluating the effect of a plastering layer and of the masonry strength on the debonding load. The results are analysed both in terms of global (failure modes and loads, load–displacement curves) and local behaviour (distribution of axial strains and shear stresses) aimed to evidence the different behaviour of the used fibres (carbon, glass, basalt, flax). Finally, the experimental failure loads are compared with formulations based on a ‘design by testing’ approach.