A new type of hole transporting material (HTMs) with an incorporated planar amine or triphenylamine as a core unit have been prepared. The two amine derivatives were demonstrated to be efficient hole transporting materials in fabricating solid-state organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells. Perovskite-based solar cells with a planar amine derivative gave a short circuit photocurrent density (J(sc)) of 20.98 mAcm(-2), an open circuit voltage (V-oc) of 0.972 V, and a fill factor of 0.67, corresponding to an overall conversion efficiency of 13.63 %. The photovoltaic performance is comparable to that of the standard spiro-OMeTAD. Moreover, the device showed good stability under light soaking for 500 h. These HTMs hold promise to replace the expensive spiro-OMeTAD because of their high efficiency, excellent stability, synthesis from simple and inexpensive materials.