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Electron Spin Resonance of Nitrogen-Vacancy Defects Embedded in Single Nanodiamonds in an ABEL Trap

Room temperature optically detected magnetic resonance of a single quantum object with nanoscale position control is an outstanding challenge in many areas, particularly in the life sciences. We introduce a novel approach to control the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers hosted in a single fluorescent nanodiamond (FND) for which an anti-Brownian electrokinetic trap (ABEL) performs the position control and an integrated radiofrequency (RF) circuit provides enhanced magnetic flux density for ensemble spin-state control simultaneously. We demonstrate static magnetic field sensing in platforms compatible with ABEL trap. With the advances in the synthesis and functionalization of stable arbitrarily small FNDs, we foresee the use of our device for the trapping and manipulation of single molecular-sized FNDs in aqueous solution.


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