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000202110 245__ $$aScale-up Graph Processing in the Cloud: Challenges and Solutions
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000202110 520__ $$aProcessing large graphs is an important part of the big-data problem. Recently a number of scale-up systems such as X-Stream, Graphchi and Turbograph have been proposed for processing large graphs using secondary storage on a single machine. The design and evaluation of these systems however have focused on physical machines. We expect that a natural evolution of such systems is to the cloud where a virtual machine would run the graph processing algorithm and access the graph from secondary storage remotely connected through the network. We evaluate a state of the art graph processing system called X-Stream in EC2 to identify challenges in this space. Our primary finding is that the network bandwidth between a virtual machine and remote storage becomes the limiter for performance. We show that this bottleneck can be somewhat alleviated through the use of VM local instance storage, network provisioning and compression.
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000202110 7112_ $$dApril 13-16,2014$$cAmsterdam, Netherlands$$aCloudDP’14: Fourth International Workshop on Cloud Data and Platforms
000202110 773__ $$tProceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Cloud Data and Platforms
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