An Integrated Control and Readout Circuit for Implantable Multi-Target Electrochemical Biosensing

We describe an integrated biosensor capable of sensing multiple molecular targets using both <i>cyclic voltammetry</i> (CV) and <i>chronoamperometry</i> (CA). In particular, we present our custom IC to realize voltage control and current readout of the biosensors. A mixed-signal circuit block generates sub-Hertz triangular waveform for the biosensors by means of a direct-dig- ital-synthesizer to control CV. A current to pulse-width converter is realized to output the data for CA measurement. The IC is fabricated in 0.18 &#956;m technology. It consumes 220 &#956;W from 1.8 V supply voltage, making it suitable for remotely-powered applications. Electrical measurements show excellent linearity in sub-&#956;A current range. Electrochemical measurements including CA measurements of glucose and lactate and CV measurements of the anti-cancer drug Etoposide have been acquired with the fabricated IC and compared with a commercial equipment. The results obtained with the fabricated IC are in good agreement with those of the commercial equipment for both CV and CA measurements.

Published in:
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, 8, 6, 891-898

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