Robust visual tracking using feature selection

Visual tracking has become a very important component in computer vision, but achieving a robust, reliable and real time tracking remains a real challenge.In order to improve the actual state-of-the-art, we choose to study and improve one of the most performing adaptive tracker by detection. We selected Struck [27] for this quality performance and his low computational cost that makes it real time. Inspired by the great successes of binary keypoint descriptors, we choose to apply binary description to a patch. We propose to use Multi-Block Local Binary Pattern (MB-LBP), based on its great success in face detection and description. In this work we present a technique for selecting the best features for tracking. In combination with the feature selection we propose a technique to take into account contextual information in order to increase the robustness of the tracker. We propose a solution to add scale adaptation to the algorithm, and suggest to transpose this technique to add rotation adaptation. Experimentally we validate these techniques showing that we outperform the state-of-art racking algorithms. To do that we use a benchmarking tool using 51 videos and compare our algorithm to 29 algorithms.

Vandergheynst, Pierre
Paratte, Johann

 Record created 2014-09-26, last modified 2019-03-17

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