Study of perfomance reference compounds for the estimation of levels of emerging polar contaminants in water

The determination of polar organic contaminants (pesticides, pharmaceuticals and inhibitors of corrosion) in river water was carried out using POCIS as a passive sampling technique and UPLC-MS/MS as a determination technique. Several compounds with properties similar to studied pollutants were evaluated as potential PRCs. Only DIA-d5 and 5-Methylbenzotriazol-d3 (5-TT-d3) were linearly released from HLB sorbent. As far as we know, 5-TT-d3 was used as PRC for the first time in POCIS. Both compounds could correct the effect of water velocity in the estimation of Cw. To confirm the suitable correction of Rs by proposed PRCs, further researches are needed under different environmental conditions.

Presented at:
38th International symposium on environmental analytical chemistry, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 16–20, 2014

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