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Self-Assembly of a Giant Molecular Solomon Link from 30 Subcomponents

The synthesis of topologically complex structures, such as links and knots, is one of the current challenges in supramolecular chemistry. The so-called Solomon link consists of two doubly interlocked rings. Despite being a rather simple link from a topological point of view, only few molecular versions of this link have been described so far. Here, we report the quantitative synthesis of a giant molecular Solomon link from 30 subcomponents. The highly charged structure is formed by assembly of 12 cis-blocked Pt2+ complexes, six Cu+ ions, and 12 rigid N-donor ligands. Each of the two interlocked rings is composed of six repeating Pt(ligand) units, while the six Cu+ ions connect the two rings. With a molecular weight of nearly 12kDa and a diameter of 44.2 angstrom, this complex is the largest non-DNA-based Solomon link described so far. Furthermore, it represents a molecular version of a stick link.


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