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Contributions to the Chemistry of the Cyclopentadienyl Complex [Cp^RuCl2](2) ("Cp-roof" = eta(5)-1-Methoxy-2,4-tert-butyl-3-neopentylcyclopentadienyl)

The dimeric ruthenium complex [Cp^RuCl2](2) is easily accessible in a one-pot reaction from RuCl3(solv)(n) and tert-butylacetylene. It features sterically very demanding "Cp-roof" ligands (Cp^ = eta(5)-1-methoxy-2,4-tert-butyl-3-neopentylcyclopentadienyl), which impart a unique reactivity. Herein we describe the synthesis and the characterization of novel Cp boolean AND Ru complexes bearing a bridging carbene ligand, a linear imido ligand, or an orthometalated phosphine ligand. Furthermore, the microwave-assisted syntheses of the bimetallic complexes [Cp^Ru(mu-Cl)(3)Ru(p-cymene)] and [Cp^Ru(mu-Cl)(3)RhCp*] are described.


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