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SFRC flat slabs punching behaviour - Experimental research

The use of randomly distributed steel fibres in the concrete mix improves its mechanical properties. In the particular case of a flat slab-column connection, this solution can provide slabs with an increased load capacity and deformation capacity, allowing a potential reduction of reinforcement. This work presents the experimental study of the behaviour of SFRC flat slabs up to failure under a concentrated loading, accompanied by the study of the mechanical properties of the SFRC, which consisted in three-point loading notched beams, compression and splitting tests. In this study, the hooked end steel fibre dosages varied between 0% and 1.25% by volume. Test results showed that the inclusion of steel fibres influences both slab stiffness and its load capacity. Increments of load capacity up to 64% were obtained in slabs with SFRC compared with the reference slab without fibres. The experimental results were compared with the predictions provided by several existing models. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


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