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Technological development of high-k dielectric FinFETs for liquid environment

This work presents the technological development and characterization of n-channel fully depleted high-k dielectric FinFETs (Fin Field Effect Transistor) for applications in a liquid environment. Herein, we provide a systematic approach based on Finite Element Analysis for a high-control fabrication process of vertical Si-fins on bulk and we provide many useful fabrication expedients. Metal gate FinFETs have been successfully electrically characterized, showing excellent subthreshold slope SS = 72 mV/dec and high I-on/I-off approximate to 10(6) ratio, with power consumption of the order of tens of nW. The FinFETs have also been proved to correctly behave in a liquid environment. We also present the HfO2 characterization towards full pH response sensing applications. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


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