Density of rational points on del Pezzo surfaces of degree one

We state conditions under which the set S(k) of k-rational points on a del Pezzo surface S of degree 1 over an infinite field k of characteristic not equal to 2 or 3 is Zariski dense. For example, it suffices to require that the elliptic fibration S -> P-1 induced by the anticanonical map has a nodal fiber over a k-rational point of P-1. It also suffices to require the existence of a point in S(k) that does not lie on six exceptional curves of S and that has order 3 on its fiber of the elliptic fibration. This allows us to show that within a parameter space for del Pezzo surfaces of degree 1 over R, the set of surfaces S defined over Q for which the set S(Q) is Zariski dense, is dense with respect to the real analytic topology. We also include conditions that may be satisfied for every del Pezzo surface S and that can be verified with a finite computation for any del Pezzo surface S that does satisfy them. (c) 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Published in:
Advances In Mathematics, 261, 154-199
San Diego, Academic Press Inc Elsevier Science

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