Perovskite as Light Harvester: A Game Changer in Photovoltaics

It is not often that the scientific community is blessed with a material, which brings enormous hopes and receives special attention. When it does, it expands at a rapid pace and its every dimension creates curiosity. One such material is perovskite, which has triggered the development of new device architectures in energy conversion. Perovskites are of great interest in photovoltaic devices due to their panchromatic light absorption and ambipolar behavior. Power conversion efficiencies have been doubled in less than a year and over 15% is being now measured in labs. Every digit increment in efficiency is being celebrated widely in the scientific community and is being discussed in industry. Here we provide a summary on the use of perovskite for inexpensive solar cells fabrication. It will not be unrealistic to speculate that one day perovskite-based solar cells can match the capability and capacity of existing technologies.


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